Dedicated Alimony Attorney Offering Counsel to Massachusetts Clients

Spousal support, also known as “alimony,” is financial assistance paid by one partner in a marriage to the other following a divorce. Similar to determining child support, there are a number of factors that go into establishing the amount of alimony the paying party will need to make to the other partner. Turning to an experienced family and divorce law attorney can help you protect your rights during the divorce proceeding and the spousal support process.

A Family Law Attorney Will Guide You Through This Process

Without knowing the details of your case, determining how much you may expect to pay (or receive) in alimony payments, if any, is very difficult. Do not rely on a free online estimate. These are risky and usually wrong. Be sure to work with a trusted spousal support attorney with whom you can speak with in person. This is simply the best way to ensure that you are receiving an honest and accurate overview of your future.

We Can Help With Your Division of Assets

When we at the Law Office of Henry Lebensbaum meet with you, we will discuss your financial situation in great detail in order to secure the best possible outcome for you. Some of the important items we will discuss when calculating alimony payments are:

  • Residential or commercial property, no matter where whose name is the owner.
  • Private or shared financial investments, including stocks, bonds, living trusts, etc.
  • Division of debt and assets & an agreeable monthly payment schedule

You are sometimes looking at a situation in which you pay or receive either temporary or permanent alimony if you earn a considerable amount of money. Typically, there are about six factors that a judge will consider in court. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Earnings of each partner as compared to the marital standard of living; including marketable skills and reduced earnings due to domestic duties
  • Obligations & assets of each party
  • Ability to retain or secure gainful employment
  • Age & health of each party
  • Balance of hardships
  • Tax consequences

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