Massachusetts Civil Law

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Henry Lebensbaum is an attorney who practices law in Massachusetts, where he has more than twenty-six years of experience. He handles criminal and civil cases.


Cases of civil law typically involve two or more parties who are involved in a dispute against each other, and are looking for either a monetary settlement or some other specific performance. An important distinction between criminal and civil cases is that the former are considered offenses against the state. If a defendant in a criminal case is unable to afford an attorney, the state is obligated to provide one. That isn’t so in civil cases. A party to a civil case has to pay for an attorney out of his or her own pocket, or else act as his or her own attorney.


Civil litigation may involve a wide range of disputes. Some of the most common are divorce lawsuits, disputes between, personal injury claims. In some cases, the parties to the suit have the option of staying out of court and resolving their differences through either arbitration or mediation. In such cases, a disinterested third party, usually someone with a legal background, decides the case one way or the other. Advantages to this are that it spares both parties the time and expense of taking a case to trial, and a resolution may be reached much faster.

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