Massachusetts Attorney Henry Lebensbaum: Knowing Professionalism

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Henry Lebensbaum has been practicing law in Massachusetts since he was admitted to the bar in 1991. He has been involved in criminal and civil cases, and consistently impresses his clients and opposing counsel with his legal skills.


He brings a diverse skillset to his practice of the law. Before law school, he studied psychology, education, and sociology, and this background helps him find the best options available to each of his clients. He forcefully advances each client’s case, and is always careful to protect each client’s interests.


“Not only were you everything that [we] had hoped for, but you showed the personal caring that is oh so necessary when representing a person,” one of his former clients said. “Having been in this ‘business’ for twenty-five years, I watched closely as you went about the courthouse, communicated with other attorneys, patiently waited for the powers-to-be do this or that, and otherwise showed the knowing professionalism that only a person of your knowledge, experience and personal dynamic can effectively do.”


Henry Lebensbaum understands that getting caught up in the legal system is a stressful experience, and is often happening against the will of the client. This is particularly true for those who have been accused of a crime, or have had their civil rights violated. He offers his clients flexible appointment times, and charges reasonable fees.


Henry Lebensbaum studied law at the California Western School of Law in San Diego, and graduated Cum Laude in 1990.

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