Essex County is located in the northeastern portion of the state of Massachusetts and is the third-most populous county with approximately 750,000 residents. The county is considered part of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area and its largest city is Lynn. Unlike most counties, it has two county seats: Lawrence and Salem. This is due to strange governmental organization and dismantling.

A Brief History of Essex County

Essex County is a very old county, having been established way back in 1643 when it was contained in the Massachusetts Bay Colony prior to American independence. It was named for a city in England and originally contained the towns of Salem, Lynn, Wenham, Ipswich, Rowley, Newbury, Gloucester, and Andover. The strange shape of one of the electoral districts in Essex County, like that of a salamander, is said to be the first recorded instance of political gerrymandering.

History Enshrined

The county government of Essex County was dissolved in 1999, therefore, it is a county in historic geography only. All governmental functions are handled by state agencies, like several other ungoverned cities and counties in Massachusetts. The entire area of Essex County has been designated the Essex National Heritage Area by the National Park Service due to the many important historical events that occurred here, including the Salem Witch Trials, a valiant effort by a lighthouse keeper to save the Constitution, and the site of the country’s oldest working farm.

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