Massachusetts Divorce & Paternity Cases

Henry Lebensbaum practices law in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he handles cases involving commercial and corporate law, criminal defense, and personal injury, among other cases.   He also [...]

Massachusetts DUI Cases

Henry Lebensbaum is a Massachusetts attorney who represents clients in civil and criminal cases alike. His areas of practice include divorce, personal injury, juvenile law, and commercial and [...]

Massachusetts Attorney Henry Lebensbaum: Knowing Professionalism

Henry Lebensbaum has been practicing law in Massachusetts since he was admitted to the bar in 1991. He has been involved in criminal and civil cases, and consistently impresses his clients and [...]

Massachusetts Civil Law

Henry Lebensbaum is an attorney who practices law in Massachusetts, where he has more than twenty-six years of experience. He handles criminal and civil cases.   Cases of civil law typically [...]

Restraining Orders in Massachusetts

Henry Lebensbaum is an attorney who practices law in Massachusetts. He began studying law at the California Western School of Law in San Diego, after years of working as a psychologist.   As [...]