Criminal Defense, Family Law, Real Estate Law & Personal Injury Client Testimonials

“My my my am I all smiles today. Today was an important day for me. After 7 years of fighting and being unsuccessful with obtaining custody of my son, TODAY with the help of only the best attorney in town Attorney Henry Lebensbaum, I’ve been granted custody of my little boy. Many won’t understand nor would they know the importance of this on my life but to those close friends and family of me please let’s take a toast to this life changing event, that will ease so much headache and emotional distress not only on myself but also on Emil who’s only getting older. Cheers, Amen” – Former Client


“And for my Attorney Henry Lebensbaum I can’t thank you enough. You’ve worked so quickly on fighting for me on this matter. In less than 2 weeks you have accomplished something that has taken me 7 years to accomplish. Your work is highly appreciated by my family and myself. I look forward to continue working with you in the future. And to all who are looking for some assistance in Family Probate PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact Attorney Henry Lebensbaum in Andover MA.” – Emilly, Client


“If you’re looking for a well-informed, intelligent attorney who works vigorously towards your best interest, Atty. Lebensbaum is the man to call! I had the good fortune to get to know Henry while he represented me in a criminal case. Ultimately, the case was dismissed by the judge, and I am absolutely certain the outcome wouldn’t have been as positive if it wasn’t for Henry‘s acute strategics. I hired Henry, because his judgement was inceptive in recognizing the real-life impact of a criminal charge, unlike that of other professionals I consulted with. Paradoxically, I felt as if Henry cared more than I about the case, and that is the kind of vigilant vibe you will receive in Henry‘s presence in the most tumultuous of times.” – Veli, Former Client


“Not only were you everything that [we] had hoped for, but you showed the personal caring that is oh so necessary when representing a person. Having been in this “business” for twenty-five years, I watched closely as you went about the courthouse, communicated with other attorneys, patiently waited for the powers-to-be do this or that, and otherwise showed the knowing professionalism that only a person of your knowledge, experience and personal dynamic can effectively do. Also, I noted that you took your time (without pushing) to take exactly the right time and opportunity to confer with the DA and seal a deal. It was a joy to watch. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to THANK YOU.” – Stan, Former Client


“I first met Attorney Lebensbaum in August of 2008. Since meeting him he has assisted me in several matters where his legal opinion proved valuable to me both personally and professionally. While in the same office space, the need arose for me to seek legal counsel for an employment agreement. Henry provided a legal opinion which allowed me to weigh my options and assisted in my decision making. Later, when I became unemployed and needed advice about pursuing legal action for child support and tuition assistance for my children; not granted in a custody settlement from another state; Henry researched my options for me and suggested a course of action that granted assistance going forward. When I was ready to throw in the towel he offered encouragement and a resolve to forge ahead in a battle we ultimately won. In getting to know Attorney Lebensbaum – I came to admire and respect him and would recommend him for any issues, which might benefit from a legal opinion.” Kathy, Client


“Attorney Henry Lebensbaum has been my family’s attorney for more than 20 years. He has represented me in family court, domestic violence, estate planning, workers compensation and personal injury matters. He has always provided the highest quality of work and service. He treats my problems with compassion and works very hard to insure that my rights are protected and my desires are met with a quick resolution to issues. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.” PM, Client


“Attorney Henry Lebensbaum was a very valuable asset to have during my divorce. His services were incredibly helpful during a difficult time in my life. His legal work was impeccable and I would recommend his services to anyone seeking legal council. He was quick to do paperwork and keep me informed on all happening during the time of my divorce. By having Attorney Lebensbaum represent me, this transition period was made much easier for me.” – Norm, Former Client

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