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Criminal Law & Criminal Defense

criminal law handcuffsWhen you hear: “you have the right to remain silent” … it’s always a good idea to say nothing and ask for a lawyer - even if you are innocent, if an arrest warrant is issued, and even if there is evidence to accuse you for a crime.  It is important to hire a defense lawyer who is experienced in criminal law immediately.  A criminal defense lawyer will explain the process to you, direct you, and teach you and advise about your options and how you get the best outcome.

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Family Law | Divorce & Child Custody

family law holding hands with childDivorce is emotional and stressful, and almost always painful, no matter if caused by infidelity or impossible differences.  It hurts you, your family and it involves dividing assets and liabilities.  As your lawyer, it is my role to explain the process, empower a reasonable outcome, and to settle all matters, financial and others, today and in the future.  The main goal is to try to resolve the situation, but if there is a fight to be fought – we will fight for your rights.*

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